The Ballade of Franz Lizst (by Ana)

You, long fingers’ miracle:

the countess must have smiled

peering from atop her secretaire.

Masterly chiseled carpals, meta-

carpals perfectly bound a

harmony of long phalanges

translated by the keys, the piano

you play at her side, by the source.

The princess also knew.

when caught by the spell

the love dream, that

the reward is you,

long fingers’ miracle,

and she traded her wishes

-the balls, the palaces-

for a melody.

I hide in my corner and

wonder about many others

that dreamt the swan dream

of arched violin necks

under the touch of

your long fingers’ miracle.

Have they found consolation

in your absence?

Prisoner of harmony, spellbound

by you, long fingers’ miracle

I leave from my corner sometimes :

back to Budapest Tom and Jerry.

(By Ana, the elegant lady sipping champagne)