An Announcement

Hi Everyone.

I don’t know how you all feel, but I think it is time for us to start writing here again as a tribute to Paul.

Let me know what you think, or just start posting.

Much love.

rose’s name

No one cares about my name though. They care about letting me know how filthy I am. They care about me moving or they’ll call the cops. They must not catch my homelessness. Hurry children. Cross the street to avoid the old, burly woman.

But this thin, shaking man seems to share my sadness – the droop forward in his shoulders, the listless way he wraps his bleeding hand into a small torn piece of velvet.

Maybe he’s like me. Maybe he’ll want to know my name?

Lost Idols

in the glass, the sea

slime at high tide, black bollards bob

a flash of thigh, his tongue follows

glints of honey, faint echoes

pass, fade, silence

between beats, caught in faith

fingering strings,  notes drop ripples of

past fondling, broken, beads bouncing

A dust pan Rose, the priest is lost in spirals

Smoke Falls

I desire the dance, the you and I. The slow start, the shy glances, the gradually melting of inhibitions. The I that wants you… inside, where it is warm and inviting.

Not safe.

Never that…

Not for this dance. A frilly drink or two, to lubricate the social intercourse, I say. I say,

is that a Dior you’re wearing? I desire that, the window I saw, hanging on a manequin, thin and pale, unlike you, but then what can you expect from someone like you?

The Orchid Room spins as he spins me… I am spun, whirled, twirled, the smoke falls in ribbons of gray, my drinks rising in waves of desire, for you, for

you and I…

are not here when we dance.

The band is awful tonight, don’t you think my dear? To be expected of course, since it wouldn’t matter as you… can’t dance.

What’s that darling? Nothing I say,

to you… I ignore the voice, that nagging, bragging, sagging voice in me, the voice that ruins it.

It being desire

It being need

It being what I have always desired, to be danced, here in the smoke and the fire of desire for you,

and I.