An Announcement

Hi Everyone.

I don’t know how you all feel, but I think it is time for us to start writing here again as a tribute to Paul.

Let me know what you think, or just start posting.

Much love.

nature’s somersault (by Amber)

The flittering wings
from the butterfly
sends little shock waves
over the wires
to your mental gymnastic routine.

Its colors are bold, bright
shimmering against
inspiration found through
other people’s eyes.

On occasion it comes

to rest on my finger




Never gave much thought
to the little winged thing

floating in the wind.

Kinda took it for granted…

But damn if I notice

when it doesn’t come

around to give its greeting

on my finger,




Handsome Johnny~ (by Amber)

To say I’ve changed
is an understatement
When one goes from Point A
to Point B
but not in the direct fashion
one will arrive
a little worse for wear
a little more jaded
(if that’s even a remote
maybe even a little more
heart smart.

Trying to maintain
the “image”
my “rock-star” status,
well folks, the time
has come for me to say
“I could give
a fuck less”

I’m still me,
I still burn inside
turned the flame
down a little,
bear with me.
Something will light
me up again.

Can’t make promises though.
I’ve broke too many
to honestly hold myself
accountable for future

Yea, tell me about
that cop-out please.
Tell me I’m better
than that.
Though you know,
I already know that.
It just feels good
to hear it from
someone else
every once in awhile.

On second thought,
I’ve learned some things
from the Masters
(ie: Ginberg, Bukowski, etc.)
it shouldn’t matter
what the masses
think, cause when
that happens,
you’ve sold your soul
to the lowest bidder.

Friday Night At The Orchid Room

*strolls up to the stage….dragging a chair slowly behind me, hearing the legs scrape against the floor, echoing against the walls, the small audience is quiet*

*I sit down on the chair, light up a cigarette, and I just watch the people. Watching for reactions….*

So here it is….old age finally found me
Funny though, I don’t feel any


than I did yesterday. Or the day before,
or the week, the month, the year before.
It’s the same old grind day in day out
routine is NOT the mother of invention,
I’ll tell you that
right now.

Maybe one day, my views will change
I won’t be so angry
I won’t be so jaded….
so…..blase….bored with it all….
maybe one day,
could be tomorrow
next week
next month…..never
never know
but just sayin,
I can change if I wanna.

Thirty…..I am thirty, with the mindset
of an old lady….an old lady, voodoo
priestess perhaps, mystical sort,
if I choose to believe in re-incarnation
of souls, recycling lives
cause heaven ran out of room
for angels,
so he just sends back
the not so good ones
to keep on tryin
and tryin.

Will I ever get it right?
Will I ever get to make
it to nirvana?
To bliss…..
to go down, and be remembered
not for me….no… poet is truly
remembered for themselves,
but for the thoughts and words
I spin everyday, every minute,
even in my sleep man…
I am walking through
inspired waking dreams
with a low slung hip roll,
hands in my pockets,