“The primary characteristic of machine-readability is extension;
without which the information contained within a file is impenetrable,
or incapable of occupying places extrinsic to the given storage space
at any given time,” pushing a foot through the backdoor.
“That the impenetrability of information is an intrinsic characterisitic
of an extensionless file is clearly implied, although we mustn’t necessarily
assume that the intrinsic characteristic of impenetribility is a primary one.mp3.”
“Yeah. Ok. That’s great mate, but if you’re looking for an audition use the front door.”
“Will do. You got a business card or something I can use? haha!”
“Oh! haha squared. I thought you looked familiar. Come in! Come in!”
“Oh nohs! I just wanted to extend this to you. Don’t let it out of your sight.
It’s due to go live any day now.mp3”
“What should I do with it when it does?”
“Just make sure it segues back out from the last one.”

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  1. […] every one of the wonderful performers there. Written with my love and respect for Paul Squires, Segue is my contribution to the entertainment in the lead up to the upcoming celebrations being held at […]

  2. noah has shhhhh,ampagne!
    on ice, but will be sipping it alone in the corner and smiling and watching the

    , fantabulous day full of tiny miracles like unexpected flowers blooming

  3. I realize that it’s early, but I just wanted to do a sound check for my violin. I haven’t ever played it in public, and I thought — well, that before the place got busy — I’d just play a few melodies to the empty chairs and — um, to think about that piano player that I heard about — because I have been wondering, you know — wondering a lot about what he said — asked — what he asked when he said he wondered — why minor chords sound so sad… But I wanted to play something bright and cheerful. That version of “Three O’Clock in the Morning” with it’s riffs of “Take me out to the ballgame” thrown in too. I can’t do Dexter Gordon exactly. Well, I’m an amateur. But still I wanted to play. It’s a nice French violin, a warm yellow like honey and when I get really warmed up I get a little honey sound from it. Some honey and orchids, that sounds pretty good, don’t it? If you don’t mind, I’ll just set up over here. Yeah, go ahead and have your coffee. I just want to play to the chairs. They will be like people for me cause I never played in public before and I’ll bet this place really jumps when evening comes. Okay. I’m going to tune now. Please drink your coffee and just pretend I’m not here. Wanna play violin and imagine the piano part, while the Nexus has a good vibe goin,

  4. it’s so cool to be here before the crowds, the place is quiet xcept those musicians over there getting warmed up, i think i’ll have a cognac –

    • I’ll join you for a cognac tipota – cool music – that violinist looks a bit familiar, like an artist I knew back in Washington DC 😉

      • hey, hi! it’s early, the lights are low, i can see the edges of their profiles just below there in front, but i can’t tell exactly who they are-
        this cognac is delicious

  5. It’s going down very well this cognac. The birthday is upon us so happy birthday McPaulus – yayayayay and all that jazz. Here’s Moondog (I know I played it last year but what the heck – we know you love it!)

  6. Hello! Anyone up for a round of scrabble? The tiles are in the brown paper bag. xxx

  7. ohoh pickle from pirate, a perfect corner thing. lets see, i can make…i have an N, if i put it next to your i and under mine, i can get “in” twice and the N falls on a doubler

  8. Hey, this place is packed, great music but so loud I can hardly hear what people are saying … are you two playing scabble!!!! No way, it’s a party – let’s dance.

  9. Cool. I’ll dance to that. We can return to the scrabble later.

  10. Oh dear I hope I haven’t missed the party! It’s not quite midnight here on the west coast of the USA!

    Who’s up next on stage? And can I get a drink over here??

  11. Is it cognac that we’re drinking? Here, let me buy you all a round and we’ll keep this party going!

  12. Yayayay! You’re up next Gwendolyn! I’ll have a g&t please.

  13. Yeah, I’ve had enough cognac – double bourbon on the rocks please 🙂

  14. Up next? Well, hmn, I’m more in a listening mode tonight, feeling a bit emotional, I’m afraid I’d burst into tears up at the microphone,

  15. Thanks for the loan of the shirt tail, sorry for the mascara, this is a party! Maybe we should do some more dancing, that always cheers me up…

    I’ve got just the song in mind–let’s see if the band can play it or the djs got it

  16. Excellent selection of musics all ’round I say. Oh, by the way, my seven letter word is KETCHUP! Anyone got a ketchup song?

  17. How about this one?

  18. wow, that was a fine party last night, whew, hair of the dog, i’ll have another cognac. the band up there is doing a smooth job, now that the place is quiet again,
    suits my mood, cheers Paul and friends!

  19. Beautiful song – thank tipota, cheers to Paul and friends – clink, clink 🙂

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