Skewiffy Saturday

fluffy brown scallops and coffee on rain
scribbles of squiffy and puce
passer-by printed in scent of an oil
coconut blue

preceded by pockets of pacings on carpet
tenderly personal papers undogeared
yellowed manila held etceteras
like so many be-bopped emotions.

A man on a walk by a walksided tree
conqueratised in cement to the breeze
with a generous chuckle
of big hearted leaves

places to do
and things to go
and things to keep
on pinky-purpled-tipsy-toes


9 Responses

  1. Bass plucking… I think this is perfectly perfect. I chink my whisky with you Brad 🙂 Pinky-purpled-tipsy-toes, haha… love it.

  2. Thanks for kicking things off here in such a fabulous way! Clink goes my glasses & clink goes the ice too!

    “things to go” indeed!

  3. Brad, a delicious, wordtastic amalgamation of sight and sound and taste.
    So full of hyperbole and smiles, I really like it.
    I’m sorry it has taken me so long to respond. x

  4. Narnie and Gwendolyn and Ebby. Thank you 🙂 Shall I top up our glasses and order some tapas?

  5. That’s really sweet, and feels complete, and becomes more so on revisiting it, and its sounds. lots of lovely, truthful things. “coffee on rain” is inspired. 🙂

  6. Thank you Peter. I’ll swing back later and shout you a beer. Have a wonderful day.

  7. Not sure how to do this, “leave a comment like talking to the bartender.” Okay.

    “Languid skies stretch out in proportioned measures”

    “Languid skies stretch out in proportioned measures of feint blue and violet layers, hanging over green meadow mixed with sand, a color with a veil of atmosphere added to it, three parts green and two parts sand and one part atmosphere. The air full with the sound of cicadas buzzing their electric message in waves that crest and crash onto a shore of insect purpose. One part atmosphere mixed with cicada sound added into three parts green and one part ochre ….”

    Can I do a picture? With this picture:

    [The above is something I wish Paul could have read, I would have liked to know if he liked it. Happy Birthday in heaven, Paul.]

  8. So this is where you are all hiding out – haha – how’s it hanging. I’ve had a few ‘skewiffy Saturdays’ Brad, but yours takes the cake. And Aletha – he would have loved it supremely and the buzzing cicada. It’s a hot and humid day here in Queensland and the thunder is rumbling in the distance – must be a party going on up there hey McPaulus – don’t drink too many Sherbies – 20 is more than enough at this time of day – pace ’em out – we’ve got 48 hours for a birthday, if you count the Northern and Southern hemispheres – but whose counting. What’s that song about a birthday and monkey, or was it … Hip hip hooray. Pop! Hiccup!

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