III. (Parts one and two are left absent for the readers own interpretation).


I have been released from the process by keeping myself locked up in here. Outside they are very happy because their redemption is their delusion. In here I try to make myself happy in a multiplicity of ways. I know that there are no second chances- in fact I am afraid of second chances, so I am learning to like this. Before I go I want to give you a little peak of the upstairs. It is quiet and calm and there is not a lot of damn talking!! Everything is freshened up and there are no dumb asses making a mess of things. First of all, right now I am going to stop talking. I still have work to do, which is about half done. I need to make sure things are in order- that the play list makes sense. I am going to down load the car crashes, the over packed hospitals and the corpses in the streets. People are soon to come in and take their seats so I need to make sure everything is complete. As far as I know- the down stairs will soon be full. While I am waiting for things to start- I must make sure all the scenes are in place. It is almost time to go but I am still unclear about what I need to do.


5 Responses

  1. *grabs a chair and patiently watches, smoking a cigarette, looking around the new digs*

    Paulie….you’re going to shine….you’re the rock star.

  2. Perfectly Randall. And perfect, Randall.

  3. Thanks for showing me around, Randall. I could use a drink right about now. I’m gonna go and pick up a Cool on my way to the dressing room. That is carbonated whisky, right? Hey, I’ll try anything once. If you need a hand preparing any of the scenes don’t hesitate to ask. Cheers.

  4. Fantastic Randall. I think you just need to do whatever feels right, deep down.

    (Hello Amber, hugs to you x)

  5. Classic randall.

    spoilers may follow (interpretation…)
    sounds like the voice of God from the creaky ol’ chair on which I’m sitting, this unconventional christian lol, if so…prevent those car crashes, please, maybe? perhaps? pour me a drink. the upstairs sure is nice.

    Ahhh! I spilt my…where is the napkin? there is no napkin? torn napkin? pick the glass up! the glass! thank?…what? no, its just me making a mess again! who blew their nose on my napkin?!? urgh… sorry, nevermind, I think it’s Devine, randall.

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