mamu.sic with double bass (funky blues ballad)

never met nobody like you, Mamu
always got one brown eye on the door
your silence
stronger than liquor
your heart
full, your skin thicker 

and the tumblenotes fall
and the teeny birds call
and we drink still to hope,

Twirl me Mamu

later, when its gloaming~light and dimpsy
whispers and echoes fill empty glasses
and you walk home with the tipsy~girl
and lucky, so lucky are you, Mamu,
and the tumblenotes fall
and the teeny birds call

and i hang your hat on the hat hook until you come home.

(Take it away Jack, I need a drink)

7 Responses

  1. Ebby! That is so perfectly wonderful. Mamu would be so happy and the ending just pulling back and a timetwist out of the dance is so beautiful. Standing ovation! The best Mamu poem ever and so many perfect ebbyisms. Barkeep, get Ebby infinity of whatever she wants,

  2. excellent, excellent. We all love Mamu and this is the perfect tribute to the great man, bebopaloo. it moves most excellently, smooth as wax and then some. I say, and i for one, way to go Ebby, Mamu’s a hero…

  3. I am so glad I finished homework early today and got to browse on the Internet longer, for I found this poem. It swirls and dances wonderfully…. It is like; if you mute the sound you can still feel the music from the way it dances. I love it

  4. Oh I love it when Mamu is so happy. His ballerina sings and tipsy, giggling, they are. I could read this all day and it would make me happy. Gentle giants, *sigh*, so few of them around, xxx

  5. Oh for a gentle giant.

  6. so delightful and lovely my hands hurt from applauding i’d best wrap them round a cold drink. quick! bartender please! something fresh and cold for my hands and throat!

  7. Reblogged this on tiny nothing of things and commented:

    A time-travelling piece-a-work.

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