Uncertain Time.

Some fluid jazz drifts out to the balcony
where he puts his arm around me
these is uncertain times, boy,
so we’ll revert to fundamental principles
and trust our instincts and he squeezes me
and breathes
you just sit there and play
as though in some performance of art
tatum if you can haha
I’ll go find a drummer she laughs
F., leave the pianoplayer alone
there are some gentlemen to see you,

2 Responses

  1. Oh gosh. The piano player takes a lot of stick, ya know? Perhaps the jazz is fluid (which may be beautiful but maybe languid? just a touch?) because he is not there to give that extra kick in the belly and although I hear drummers are good at that sort of pazzazz (ahem), I think the pianoman needs a gentle kiss to the palm of each hand and a whisper of promises. I would volunteer but…

  2. Viva el “pianoplayer” 🙂

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