The Invisible Man.

I fool myself into thinking that humility will get me the rewards that I deserve. I am suffering the curse of my grandfathers last dying wishes. “Smile at them, give them what they want- and keep your head inside the lions mouth.” Then he died. So when I am on stage I give them the entertainment that they think they deserve and try to remain humble in my ordinary life. Even though I have fame- I go unseen by most and this is the greatest aspect of my humility. It keeps me from really being noticed. I see what my grandfather meant and now I realize how he stayed out of trouble despite the fact that he was one of the greatest performers that ever lived. I just thought I would write these thoughts down since I am about to walk on stage and do my act again for the last time. I am tired of being seen. I want to live an honest life away from the crowds and all the roar. So I will go away after this night into a kind of eternal hibernation…never again to be seen on a stage.


7 Responses

  1. Now that’s an exit! Woohoo, encore!

  2. “almost makes me feel like humanity has the capabilities of creating beauty on earth.”

    ain’t that the tooth.

    an ultra-perceptive piece.

    i hope this exit isn’t quite so permenant.


  3. “I am tired of being seen”: I can understand that (when it is the performer speaking).

    But I always wondered what is a performer without his performing act. I had actually never had the curiosity to look beyond the mask –after all I am just a figure in the audience waiting to be mesmerized. Recently I got tempted to get up and read on the stage, and I started wondering about the person behind the mask…what is the performer going to do? Is there a house, a wife, children, gardening, collecting stamps or butterflies?

    (Randall it is beautiful btw.)

  4. he is chimera shimmerer is Randall, you gotta watch his hands,

  5. It seems that your (or his) grandpa was a very wise man!

  6. Very…he still sleeps all day.

  7. Why? Would you like a drink, Ken? Oi! Ken! Can you hear me? Oh never mind, any of you ladies like to talk a short walk on the beach under the moonlight while the band is taking a break?

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