oh the joy

in speaking into silence
when they see you there standing at the microphone
there is no equivalance when one is amplified
and the rest are in a crowd
you have a responsibility
that can only be fulfilled
if you exercise your power over them
otherwise they go home disappointed.
why do you think rockstars go insane so often?
syd barrett could not make the distinction between
the performance and the man
he chose not to
how does Tom Jones wife trust him?
do we forgive Jerry Lee Lewis his crimes?
it’s quiet in here he said tap tap is this thing on?


16 Responses

  1. exactly true.

    “The madcap laughed at the man on the border”

    the rockstar’s occupation must be a great pressure. Kurt Corbain, who apparantly felt that his music was being misunderstood by the meatheads who were attending his gigs, even when he made a point of satirising them.

    The Tom Jones line raised a smile. 🙂

    great piece

  2. yes yes we hear you already and thank you peter for finally providing us with some entertainment, that other guy was just mumbling on and on

    that band sure was funny! though i don’t understand why they were wearing those nightgowns

    when do the belly dancers come on? that’s all we really want you know is nekked wimmin

  3. excuse me please, I’m the manager here, and there’s been some complaints, let’s not be rude to the hardworking acts up there, please can I buy you a drink? it’s on the house, what can I get you?

    I think the pole dancers are up next with a bit of poetry in between

    we do all we can to keep the customers happy y’know

  4. Pole Dancers, woohoo, bring it on. I’ll go get Bootsy, we will definitely need some bass,

  5. i’ve got him right here ready to play my FAAAAAAVorite Parliament song!

    no nonono here they are really this time live and ready to get DOWN!

  6. Old Bill remembered Pink Floyd playing in what was then The Cosmic Orchid, supported by The Soft Machine (October 15, 1966) and sharing a pudding with dear Syd, with whom he had a fully coherent conversation about commuting on trains (then soap operas, and then brands of soap) The pudding was sweet and delicious, and they enjoyed every minute of it, but it was too much for one person.

    “The Soft Machine” said Bill, “jazz, rock, funk, grunge…just like watchin koi carp in a pool, just as there are no limits to the mind, music passes secret letters behind the Bad Lieutenant’s back”.

  7. Check this out, talking of poledancers. This is what the Orchid Room should be like. Qatar Decadence

  8. Ok, talking about qatar decadence, I’m not much into pole dancers but dolls, escorts…hmmm…I
    like to read in the dark, and listen to the rain (in the dark), listen to music (in the dark), other things (still in the dark)…

    so, do you think I can get a cinnamon peeler here?

  9. Barkeep! Bring this lady two of everything she wants. Can’t light a fire without a spark. Would you like to dance, madame? We can dim the lights if you would prefer dancing in the dark?

  10. I do not think I could handle two cinnamon peelers 🙂 at one time.
    BTW: A Cinnamon Peeler is a Tamil man the peels cinnamon for a living. He smells as cinnamon and he has to have long fingers (Ondaatje has a good description here: http://www.lifesci.ucsb.edu/~haddock/poems/cinnamon.html)

    Tamils belong to the Dravidian family and I heard some discussions about the fact that there is a similar ancestry for the Australian aborigines, but to be honest I do not know much about either groups.

    Paul, but that is mighty magnified … I wrote you down for the first dance on my book .

  11. …oh, and of course:
    Can’t light a fire without a spark.
    This guns for hire
    Even if we were just dancing in the dark.

  12. sorry annamari but this is a no springsteen zone. we’ll forgive you this time but there’s a different Boss around here and a different piano player too. you’ll get the hang of it, esp with a coupla cinnamon peelers around

  13. I have half a cinnamon cookie and a kazoo…

  14. my apologies, my big feet were in my big mouth…

  15. Not at all, no need to apologise to those two layabouts. Bruce was my fault anyway. Let’s dance, one two three one two three dip, yaya, I like the dip part and you are as wonderful a dancer as you are at everythingelse, Annamari, superb, one two three dip, woohoo, barkeep, more champagne for my wonderful companion,

  16. good good dancing is good! we’ll keep the lights down low, the music slow, let the candles glow…

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