entering unnoticed

Okey dokey. Are you supposed to be working again? I am just trying to
get this place clean and then eat and then have a beer, wiping tables. And then come
back with a fresh brain and you naked and saying
please please McPaulus, come over here so I can show you my new nipple clamps,
haha, just joking, this is the thing about erotica particularly on the
bdsm side it makes me laughguguahahaha, this is my problem not the
actors. The same thing happens when I go to a munch or a play party
or whatever you call them over here. I get in trouble for laughing at
the serious D’s in their costumes. When I talk about an exchange of
power which is what D/s is all about and say well that’s what it is in
vanilla sex too just on a more subtle scale, a dance of danger and
vulnerability, these socalled D’s look at me and think I’m mad, they
like their dressups, he said, slipping unnoticed into the room and
seeing her immediately, less thought and more instinct and then some
antennae invisible inside his brain connects and continues to track her presence,
snippets of conversation with others in contrasting costumes and
already knowing exactly who she is and what she wants and exactly
what she is prepared to sacrifice in order to get it, she could be
wearing white frills or dirty jeans, she could be dressed or
undressed, hunger is the best seasoning he thinks and suddenly he
turns to her for the first time and smiles and she smiles back, hello

2 Responses

  1. hunger is the best seasoning she would agree but she didn’t quite hear him at first and then when she did she didn’t know what to say so she repeated him adding, although i’ve never found it necessary to starve. and then when he smiled back with an eyebrow lifted she said however i do prefer to go hungry than to eat stale bread or inferior baked goods of any kind

  2. Yay! The Orchid Room has rematerialised, and in the realm of the senses! Which is good, cos one can only mime taking sips from an empty glass for so long…

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