“I will take another glass of your house red wine.” “Oh, and bring me the cheapest one, please.” “I know it does not taste that good. I am not drinking it for the taste.” ” Why then?” “Well, I drink it because I like what it does to my head.” “Turns my ego off, silences the voices of impending doom and allows me to feel hopeful.” “Almost…..hopeful, that is.” “Thank you.”


4 Responses

  1. You’re insane but wonderful, somebody make sure that man pays his bill,

  2. Insane but wonderful. Can one be both at the same time? i will take it as a compliment none the less. I got nothing to loose.

  3. “why almost?” was the perfect ending.

  4. man, I wish I could talk with this eloquence at dinner parties. A life-affirming piece of video.

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