nature’s somersault (by Amber)

The flittering wings
from the butterfly
sends little shock waves
over the wires
to your mental gymnastic routine.

Its colors are bold, bright
shimmering against
inspiration found through
other people’s eyes.

On occasion it comes

to rest on my finger




Never gave much thought
to the little winged thing

floating in the wind.

Kinda took it for granted…

But damn if I notice

when it doesn’t come

around to give its greeting

on my finger,




3 Responses

  1. That is just sensationally beautiful, Amber. A ring poem to stand as a benchmark of ring poems. have another, on the house. Barkeep!

  2. bittersweet, soft and loving – its poems like this that remind us to take stock of what we have in this life and keep hold of whatever we can. wonderful.

  3. “damn” said it all, natures somersault…wow you really described it well here. i love the reflection and your idea of how it comes around. nice!

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