Handsome Johnny~ (by Amber)

To say I’ve changed
is an understatement
When one goes from Point A
to Point B
but not in the direct fashion
one will arrive
a little worse for wear
a little more jaded
(if that’s even a remote
maybe even a little more
heart smart.

Trying to maintain
the “image”
my “rock-star” status,
well folks, the time
has come for me to say
“I could give
a fuck less”

I’m still me,
I still burn inside
turned the flame
down a little,
bear with me.
Something will light
me up again.

Can’t make promises though.
I’ve broke too many
to honestly hold myself
accountable for future

Yea, tell me about
that cop-out please.
Tell me I’m better
than that.
Though you know,
I already know that.
It just feels good
to hear it from
someone else
every once in awhile.

On second thought,
I’ve learned some things
from the Masters
(ie: Ginberg, Bukowski, etc.)
it shouldn’t matter
what the masses
think, cause when
that happens,
you’ve sold your soul
to the lowest bidder.

13 Responses

  1. AMBER!!!!!!!!!! ((((((((((you))))))))) wooohooo,

  2. great. with a keen eye for character, takes a fresh look at the rockstar myth, so i’ll take one o’ them wooohooos and pass it round 🙂

  3. bloody brilliant, you are and this is, xxx

  4. You guys are awesome…and giving me a swelled head. *L* Not really. But thank you, thank you!

    *squints* I see you Kizz….

  5. AMBER!! I am on my knees begging you, begging, pleading, please please get a wordpress blog, you are fantastic, it owuld be brilliant, I will help in everyway possible, you could do like me and be blatently populist and wear a spangly white suit with sequins and bootsy collins sunnies or you could be like Peter above and be quiet and only post occassionally when you have something important, or you could be anything and everything because you are AMBERRR!!! you would rock so big time, please please, i am on my kneeeeeeeees,

  6. YES! Echoing Pauls plea for an Amber blog…wonderful write.

  7. Paul….Tina…nice to meet you by the way…

    Ok. Ok…I will do it. And I will be diligent. I will try to work on it to the best of my ability.

    You heard it here first folksies. Ambers gonna word press.

  8. Yayayayayayayayayayayayayaya, that has made my weekend, hurry hurry,

  9. http://thatplaidhipster.wordpress.com/

    Im going to start adding more stuff later on tonight….Im still trying to figure wp out.

  10. Amber you know you are one of my favourite all time people and poets.

  11. And darlin…..you need a message board for off topic stuff. Really.

    Cause Im glad you like the Odd Definition. *grins*

  12. I love the Odd Definition, it’s brilliant. We can just sit here at this table and have a confab. I do (hic) own the place after all. *smirk*

  13. *grins and sits for a bit*

    Check your email silly man….

    And hey…when are we going to collab? That would be amazing. We need to do that. Seriously. Why havent I thought of that before???

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