To Sob Audibly When Performing on The Piano

Rose burst in like a fireball before anyone could write the stage directions. Dressed in a curtain, and not wearing it well, she wailed, and spun her weight.  She pushed Hooks and his borrowed drumkit aside, and it toppled him.


Mamu thought of approaching her, but didn’t. Rose paused, stifled a cry, and searched out the world with a vacant longing. For someone else, who was not here and had no name.   

A SMELL OK? AS BUTTERED POPCORN. I remember that, sure.”

a strange giggle escaped.

Rose – we can’t say that we haven’t, at one time or another, all felt like you. Mamu used to read his kid a book called A Desert Flower and The Bear, and I guess that’s why he didn’t get someone to grab her.  

She’d be the one to tip this whole place to the ground – that is, if it wasn’t her bed, her rock, her entire stone-age. The Orchid Room was where she wanted to start over – right now, like she announced it, with a desperation that rocks the cradle.

She squeaked, now, barely audibly:
“fattning for the heart I know”

And quieter still, like she out-quietened the silence:
“when i say i’m in love you best believe i’m in love, l.u.v”

I assume that after Rose had said her piece, she left on her own. I don’t know for sure, my eyes were on Altman.

“…story of my life”, he said.
“What is?”

Closingtime, Seb said – “What’s up with you tonight, Mamu? That’s not a doorman’s face.”

Mamu grunted.


6 Responses

  1. wow! that was great! wonderful!

  2. Cooooooooool! That is perfect, shot us forward or backward in time and kicked us off again, perfect always means hard to follow, sets a challenge, yaya. And the tone the borderlineness of reality and caught her a snippet of voice, an almost accent. Peter, live at The Orchid Room, yayyayayayay,

  3. some acknowledgements if I may – you don’t have to read this comment.

    Thanks must go Ben at stereosanctity who once burnt me some beautiful mix CDs with hand-drawn covers and there was one labelled “The Same As A Flower”, that had a song by Shangri-Las, a bit of which finds its way into Rose’s speech 🙂 I hope Ben doesn’t mind.

    The name of the storybook comes from a list of russian cartoon titles, which I find endlessly fascinating. And that’s something so obscure I doubt I really needed to cite it hehe. Conscience cleared. Title from a victorian book, out of copyright. haha. “found objects” is that what they say?

    anyway thanks, nice place you got here, thanks paul.

  4. great stuff peter, wherever it comes from. way to glean, to scavenge and associate.

  5. peter…. delicious

  6. Hey! Peter! Can you hear me over the babble? This is one of my favourite Mamu’s ever. All of it’s great but the Mamu is great you just added a little something to his enormous soul,

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