The soft hum of the motor soothed Steve’s burgeoning anxiety, even though he knew the danger in what he was about to do. Tanya lay asleep in the passenger seat, her soft breath upsetting the delicate strands of hair that lay across her placid brow, and her calm seemed ironic due to tonight’s extraordinary circumstances.

Stopped at a red light Steve took time to take Tanya in. Never had he been so lucky in his life. An average Joe, he had never slept with, let alone dated anyone half as gorgeous as Tanya. How he managed to keep her around he had yet to figure out. He was a simple guy, and she was not his normal type. Designer jeans framed her long legs, and her manicured hands splayed in his lap. She was a high society girl and he was a nobody from Queens. What made their relationship even more interesting was that she was paid. Not in the rich daddy sense, but in the rich family sense. She never worked, her parents didn’t work, and their parents didn’t work. She never had to work for a dime, but her heart was as pure as gold.


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  1. cool, i hope she can dance, with legs like that she oughta,

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