the burly woman

flicker, the burly woman, young now, not so burly, hair in a red scarf, pushing a shopping cart past the refrigerated meats, the juices, the milks and yogurts and on past the cheeses, teasing the toddler beside her, mindful of the infant in the seat of the cart. flicker, a shopping cart her decorated house on wheels, (she lives on the porch, under the backsteps… her portable hell, no children, no pets, no car, no partner, a snarl for the motorist yelling at her CRAZY OLD BITCH newspapers, clothes, wads of rags, flags stickers found objects, nameless things (she knows their names) attached to cart

dropping in the street like children lost again she must pick them back up she must she must SHUT THE FUCK UP she yells at the brittle horns, angry cars blaring noise, NOISE

flicker, flicker, flicker, flicker my name is rose, she thinks MY NAME IS ROSE

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  1. powerful, chilling.

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