rose’s name

No one cares about my name though. They care about letting me know how filthy I am. They care about me moving or they’ll call the cops. They must not catch my homelessness. Hurry children. Cross the street to avoid the old, burly woman.

But this thin, shaking man seems to share my sadness – the droop forward in his shoulders, the listless way he wraps his bleeding hand into a small torn piece of velvet.

Maybe he’s like me. Maybe he’ll want to know my name?

4 Responses

  1. sorry. i’ll write a new character next time. if anyone has any suggestions, let me know.

  2. let it fly

  3. enough rules, i hate rules, if you want rules go make up your own, Rose is great by me, both you girls can write, differently in different styles cool bananas, now do we need a bas player, some young bloke who play just a little to the girls, not an old fogey like me, that would be cool, anyone now any?

  4. Oh and listen to Jo, she knows what she is talking about, generally, re organising things, i might make everyone a full contributor like me and then you can play with it however you want, and if someone knows someone who like an outward link, no traffic will go through it, but we can use as part of the site, ie, spread like a virus hahahahahahahahahahahaha, i will be sailing the good ship gingatao, yohoho,

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