Cut to the exterior where a woman in a parka is leaning against the huge wooden doors papered over with gig flyers. Plugged into an ipod she is singing softly and waiting, nonstop checking the time on her watch in an exaggerated way so that passersby, and there are plenty in this rundown area home to artisans, cafes, small businesses, will realise she has a reason for being outside the deserted building. Eventually a white van pulls up. She nods, halfsmiles at the driver.


2 Responses

  1. Are there two the same lady, or different ladies, you and Kassandra, it might be easier if you each write different characters, and also if category Jo, that will help in the long run too,

  2. So-wee, I forgot, it’s that long since I posted in here. If Kassandra wants to run with this woman (lady, Squires, what century is this?) that’s fine by me, I can come up with a somebody else, no worries 🙂

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