the other

“I never thought of doing that.” The hobo spun around. The husky voice came from the shadows in the corner. “There’s a fireplace over here but I didn’t know if I could trust the chimney.”

The hobo grunted, weighed the threat and turned back to the fire. In the dark corner a pile of heavy velvet window drapes moved. From where she had been sleeping beneath them a woman, dark and burly, evidently homeless and possibly crazy and thick with desire for light and fire, eyed the stranger.


3 Responses

  1. desire for light and fire…….wonderful.

  2. Cool, couple o’ bums, (just a tip if you want to category rickmobbs or tag rick that will may prove hopeful in the long run)

  3. The post wouldn’t allow me to use tags. Don’t know why. Will try again next post.

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