shooo shoo :baba doo bah ~

they setup things
all quick-sharp as they have done so many times before
smoke-lined eyes with a don’t care twinkle
                                                                          care too much too much

and later, while the cognac warms in the cutglass~  her shoulders naked
                                                                                          dropstrap honeytrap ~

they smoulder us quietly
emberglow us with note-lust          gloaming mistrust
and lovemaking careens through us all like a spider breeze drifting;

the bar is full, the music plays and the boozing and schmoozing displays chill thrill us all

                                                         with a flourish
                                                          the alchemist
takes the deck from beneath his hat
                                                     who wants a trick?


6 Responses

  1. just thinking about Max Ernst. x

  2. Perfect again. You know you can put these pieces in your own blog too, if you want to, Ebby. They are perfect Orchid Room songs, but they are perfect poems as well, dropstrap honeytrap, yummy, then spiders for more enticing into risky risque stickiness, the poem is like that too, deceptively open but just everythingness hold me in there, perfect,

  3. I was going to mention the dropstrap honey trap…but paul beat me to it………delicate, and full. beautiful

  4. beautiful, incredible, again,

  5. wonderfully decadent & beautifully set-up.

  6. stumbled into this place and I’m really digging it. Not much time to stop, I’ll come by later and drink it all in, like a fine cognac. warming, smooth sounds. thanks.

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