Lost Idols

in the glass, the sea

slime at high tide, black bollards bob

a flash of thigh, his tongue follows

glints of honey, faint echoes

pass, fade, silence

between beats, caught in faith

fingering strings,  notes drop ripples of

past fondling, broken, beads bouncing

A dust pan Rose, the priest is lost in spirals


8 Responses

  1. WOW! So sensual…….lovely, delicate, it disrobes itself.

  2. some beautiful bubbles
    dolourous and full

  3. Jo, no matter how he polishes, the reflection remains.

    Bee, until they pop, the rainbow entrances.



  4. Lovely sad swaying song, beautiful and a touch melancholic, longing, beautiful,

  5. Another good one, Rose;: lusty, sweet, & different. – Mimi. xx

  6. Grasping Ginga, always running up stockings, seeking.

    Mimi the differences between lust and sweet collide.



  7. I love the way this sways Rose… it is hazey in a schmoozy accepting way – perfect for the Orchid Room. Perfect.

  8. Narnie, thank you for your swaying.



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