Ebby, ebby,

boing boing,

footlights footfalls

footsteps footnotes


7 Responses

  1. back in time?

  2. in time, notes falling, spattered on canvas.



  3. spattered to make the most wonderful, new, exciting rhythm maybe… or ancient.

  4. *smiles*
    noticed the smell, that was all

  5. (((((((((e))))))))

  6. (((((((shh)))))))

  7. Time flies and fireflies, lightning strikes and lightning bugs, don’t bug the fireflies nor make light of them. They are energy conservative and working their tails off and on. I believe they signal summer is nigh like the honeysuckle shedding its sweet perfume. Butter fingers and butterflies, time slips away from us all but I am holding on to the wings of spring in my heart. I’m no mastermind with a master plan, just a slave to the belief that love and peace are all we need to become poetry.

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