Bootsy looked at me balefully over his sunnies, “Motive Force done sudden?”

yeah, might as well, not much happening, looking around at the crowd lost in ancient memories of some half lived half dreamt past blurred by whirling concoctions of various hue. Motive Force done fast, but just as Bootsy hit the first note F. stumbled, bleeding from the chest, gasping and collapsed by the piano, mouthing in a bloody whisper,
” crumbleduck, fu…


7 Responses

  1. Crumbleduck? A new rhyming slang? Some kind of warning that my head is about to get blown off if i dont make like some kind of aquatic based poultry? Or perhaps a reference to my duckiness and as a former writer on the spin off series for Donald Duck’s nephews and as the voice of Jemima Puddleduck… but alas, its either a curse or i’ve been fingered for a crime i might not have committed…its my weakness for malibu you see…cant rememebr a thing… trigger flick wicked.

  2. How quick you were to leap from your seat and claim innocence, hmmm, he’s definitely dead, shall we call the cops or bury him under the floorboards like the others?

  3. […] (or for something much less serious, a mysterious death, check out my post in The Orchid Room)  […]

  4. Extinguished? Yikes. Where was Mamu when he was needed?

  5. Not the flippin duck! Ohhhhh the wulf is at the door… how exciting.

  6. Mamu was either carrying some drunk home over his shoulder or off being bewitched by his ballerina. Bootsy, lets play, it’s not our problem, know any Johnny Cash? “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die…

  7. What a great turn of events! This is a great short, Paul! Look forward to seeing who & what goes on from here. You’ve done a great job of putting a lot into so few lines, and “crumbleduck” made me grin ear to ear. xx – Mimi.

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