bogardus ~ on the eighth day
                     collected the yellow.tormentil which sheds a petal
                                                                                     grows a petal

this watch clunks the shelf as she reaches for the cognac
  business is good       like oldendays       fresh.cut limes

in the mirrorback~rivers dance, the trees are still there

liquidamber  leadcrystal 
whisperchatter and a husshhhhhhhh
quitely clamouring


taste that, yes, taste it   all of you
                                          it’s a deliciousdance; longing.and chinksof betrayal
                                          secrets, on the rocks with a twist
                                          Sante my friend
drink and dance and play until your fingers can play no more
if you can not choose, kiss them all
and dance dance dance

diamonds in ashtrays
tinkling ivories avaries slaveries

the conductor catches her eye, sees the fever from across the room

                                                        shhhhh . .
                                                        but not yet
                                                        but not now

a match?  certainly

                                                                                  she settles her feathers
                                                                                  polishes watermarks from the glasses
                                                                                  watches      smiling


9 Responses

  1. Oh the anticipation and OH! it’s you and oh how wonderful. How wonderful. You are.

  2. Amazing, truly amazing, I am breathless, bedazzled.

  3. Me too, breathless and bedazzled. So much conjured from suggestion and sound, thoughts half caught thru the smoke and music and clatter or the room, something is shifting, something is happening just out of range. You are simply the best, Ebby, the best poet I’ve read on the internet anywhere.

  4. I like the ending…and your imagery throughout.

  5. Lovely. Creates great pictures in my mind. Well done. I have blogrolled you. Looking forward to more.

  6. Always good, Ebby, always. Even with diamonds in the ashtrays. This is full of mood and atmosphere; full of wonderful images and wonderful imaginative use of words. That day I figuratively put my diamonds in the ashtry? I never put them back on. You never disappoint with your writing. – Mimi.

  7. thank you lovely people

  8. Truly amazing words. I have caught my breath, thank you, I’ll have one of those and sit this dance out.



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