Smoke Falls

I desire the dance, the you and I. The slow start, the shy glances, the gradually melting of inhibitions. The I that wants you… inside, where it is warm and inviting.

Not safe.

Never that…

Not for this dance. A frilly drink or two, to lubricate the social intercourse, I say. I say,

is that a Dior you’re wearing? I desire that, the window I saw, hanging on a manequin, thin and pale, unlike you, but then what can you expect from someone like you?

The Orchid Room spins as he spins me… I am spun, whirled, twirled, the smoke falls in ribbons of gray, my drinks rising in waves of desire, for you, for

you and I…

are not here when we dance.

The band is awful tonight, don’t you think my dear? To be expected of course, since it wouldn’t matter as you… can’t dance.

What’s that darling? Nothing I say,

to you… I ignore the voice, that nagging, bragging, sagging voice in me, the voice that ruins it.

It being desire

It being need

It being what I have always desired, to be danced, here in the smoke and the fire of desire for you,

and I.


21 Responses

  1. oh rose, i love it…….says so very much, so well, quite the debut……let’s have some more I say, I say.

  2. rose… that was lovely… such longing,, it almost becomes indigence after a point doesn’t it???? so glad to see you here!!!!!!

  3. Fantastic Rose! Bravo! Such images embedded in your words. I can see the smokey dance floor, with a couple spinning in circles at the center, a bored look on her face – to cover her real feelings.

    Thank you for bringing it to us.

    D 🙂

  4. …”to be danced..” a tiny touch which changes the piece in its entirety. Beautiful, the hesitance, the desire, a perfect debut, don’t worry Bootsy will be back soon and the music will improve. Great Orchid Room poem. Yayayay Rose!

  5. The dialogue of impassioned longing is haunting! Enjoyed having to travel a little to find this post completing the other!

    Lovely write!

    Smiles and Light

  6. A passionate, but troubling piece. Maybe that is where the magic lies.

  7. The Orchid Room sounds like great place that might be located among the palms of Writers Island, roofed with shaggy coconut fronds, framed in bamboo. A lovely place for passion.

    Nice stuff, Rose.

  8. Oh Jo, you were right; he can dance.

    Paisley, come join our table please. Refills.

    Diane, why don’t you take a spin and show us how it’s done.

    Hello Ginga, I say, glad that Bootsy will return posthaste.

    Gemma, so nice that Mamu let you by.

    Anthony, do you dance? There are plenty of partners here.

    Pepe, long time since we crossed paths. You are looking well.



  9. Oh, I feel the sadness and longing myself. Beautiful, Rose!

  10. well. Its entirely unfair, everything you come up with is great.

    d x

  11. I love it, Rose. So glad you’re posting! This is such a comfortable and able piece. It fits like a glove on a hand with the feel here on the Orchid Room. Like you. Kudos. xx – Mimi.

  12. We are all so sad Glynis. It’s the dance that stops.

    Greatness is not what I strive for Danae, only life.

    White gloves, elegant and innocent. He kisses my hand, grasping my elbow. I shiver.



  13. What a talent you have for evoking a time and a place and emotions!

  14. It is nice to share this time with you Linda.



  15. Sultry, sensuous writing, a poem in prose. Wonderful, Rose.

  16. Oh Maria, you say the nicest things.



  17. oozes heat and desire……….love this kind of dancing….

    great post.

  18. Bodies close and clothes too many…



  19. I liked the take of the Orchid Room being on the Island and got carried away by thinking along those lines. Dance means so many different things to each of us. For me it is always about the movement more than the person I’m dancing with. Weird, but there you are.

  20. Hi Mary, I like how think though, being in the movement rather than the partner.



  21. Mmmm…desire, dance, heat of the body….am quite carried away!

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