A facet of mirror in The Orchid Room…


Let us go you and I to The Orchid Room to hold or
pry open oysters – to get laid or to lay like silver
slivery things on half shells of seduction…

Someone like you dripping honey wants to feel the sting
of a bee who has himself just flown in like a gentleman
escaping another swarm hive of admiration…


Let us go you and I to The Orchid Room to touch or to
be touched by an itch or to burn or to be burned by an
empty lust, or to relive a casual acquaintance…

Someone thin, stands against a wall like a photograph and
later when you embrace them on the dance floor you both
notice that each of you has become thinner still…


Let us go you and I to The Orchid Room to be seen by
the unseen who want to sweat and melt ironies at a table
and shout and scream insults and sarcasms…

Someone milk moon moans, and is not worried that the
drink jar shaking, is the mixing and preparing of some
thing meant to be consumed by a king or queen…

…or even a peon…


6 Responses

  1. very good, poetman, especially that first stanza

  2. Yeah, great Orchid Room poem. Like an intro, or a summary, and with some very cool poetman touches. Bring on the peons, tonight they drink for free,

  3. Ah, echoing T. S. Eliot. Bravo!

    I like the bee imagery and metaphors.

  4. bees are lovely
    always faithful to their queen, but then suddenly, from a windchange ~ half the hive leave, called by a milesaway newqueen
    just as fickle as the rest of us

    half remain ~ thats the easily forgotten part ~ they just get on with it

  5. Jo – Thank You – that first stanza, kind of says it all…doesn’t it…

    gingatao – at least once or twice a year the peons must be given free drink or they foment great tragedies and rebellions…

    RG – yes an echo and a continuation of sorts…

    beeskiffle – Isn’t it that way sometimes …that the forgotten part is sometimes the most important part…Thanks…

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