Said Bootsy with the bass, play something Sly,

we are family,

no sly, said F. running his hands over her hips, can you samba?

ohh you can samba, now what is this strap doing falling down like that from under your hair and over your smooth shoulder and oh my dear, a sswweetness indeed,

Hoi! said Bootsy with the bass, get a room,


4 Responses

  1. haha, Bootsy’s a prude huh? Oh well… I’ve heard talk bass players are like that. 😀

  2. do they have rooms here?

  3. There’s a private room out the back. Mamu, when he’s here takes some getting past into that room, I’ll see you there, said F.

  4. You have to mean every word in that room, only truth can pierce that hazy note.tumble atmosphere
    I believe Mamu has returned to his usual duties.

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