standing, streching

coldair goosebumps her fading skin
                                    gelbish, dressmatching
                                    too much sleep can be a bad thing.
her Headspace filled with red admirals papery flutterings

~Mamu, do you have it?
                                          nodsmile slowly
                                          lowblinking: There are no safer hands

murling, wesplar froiles wisp, curling over and under and through
purling, waverly-brilming, laceish and smooth
shreeming against the palmwarmed

~Throw it, Mamu.  Throw it high.

                                                                        and it goes, arcing through backbar mists
                                                                        catching the dawnlight
                                                                        clearing the yawn.night

stops, suspended.



Her slenderfingers close
airborn, winged and alive
the ballerina reclaims her heart.


8 Responses

  1. Gorgeously beautifully amazing. Her heart comes alive in his hands, flutters alive with sounds, and the wonderfully timed leap, suspended moment. Absolutely beautiful dancing night at the orchid room. Mamu, alive, in love with a ballerina,

  2. do you know….i never considered the in love kind of love, just love.

  3. ‘just love’ is sometimes more powerful than ‘in love’ too, maybe. Oh! whaddoi know. Hello sweets – this dances. A faint smile… lovely.

  4. Very evocative and visual with unusual wordage in places. i liked ‘shreeming’ – it seems to mean what it intends to.

    However, I was put off by the spelling mistake in the title. Shouldn’t it be ‘stretching’?

    Keep it up!

  5. Simonelli, probably!

  6. a lovely idea wondrously written

  7. […] anyway, i think i just saw Easter Island off the left wing, the old man says she won’t fall apart yet but she always was more of a kite than a plane, sorry, not going to make it to your concert but i am imagining it now and Mamu is smiling, […]

  8. Your invention of words to fill out imagination and meaning helps make this writing so very interesting.

    Follewed the link from Gingatao, and I am very glad I did!

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