F. shuffled over and slid into the booth. “Here’s the thing, this place would be perfect, lots of transients, they’re all exiles in some way, coming and going, nudge nudge…”

perfect for what?

“Well, Sunonhead’s got a shipment ready at the docks, plenty plenty freshfishies wriggling and squiggling but the old man won’t be back ’til Wednesday, some problem with the bloody Morrison-Huxley Effect again, so we gotta stash ’em somewhere and this place would be perfect.”

whereabouts in this place, man, you can’t just stick a bundle like that under a table, especially if they are still wriggling,

“Well, that’s why I wanted to talk you my loyal friend,” he said putting his thick hairy arm around me and looking over at my piano……..


4 Responses

  1. haha… so will the piano man take a break? or are those damn flippers coming out?

  2. fish can play piano and it is a well known fact that they are the progenitors of scales – as for Poetman, it is a fish played in b minor…that makes my ship leave a shore and brave a sea…

    Thank you Paul – my fins are applauding…

  3. hah! scales, beautiful,

  4. yes shiny, slippery scales…….very good.

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