but in here the smoke is gathering

her barefeet, now stained bottle glass green from wallhigh 
                             dawn windows of long forgotten dream-fields
                             from allsorts of secrets and grass seen flutterings;
                             unseen, time winks to the tendrils of sleep    ~

a long long time ago, she cooked eggs bakedbread bled
hands so very deft and quicksharp
steel-glint, fleshbeautiful     
softly yeilding to the blade.

whipcrack and bolt upright    shivering from dreamshadows   she looks around

Mamu smiles and offers his upturned palm


4 Responses

  1. an upturned palm… it makes you want to force her to reach out and grab it. Mamu will look after her – that’s what good people do.

  2. this smoke gathers, forms into an almost scene, almost seen, motion, Mamu is implacable, and he is smiling,

  3. whenwordsflowtogether – thoughts can be seen as they really exist in a streamofconsciousness – BravoBeeskiffle

  4. these words are fleshbeautiful

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