A case for or against love…

It was to be the big night, the night of angelic questions,
and Champaign and goose bump bubbles – and dancing and
looking into her eyes and melting…

Slim Jim Moran and Kites of Katie Carlyle slipped into a booth,
each with something to say…full of pauses and affected smiles
and yearnings for the night to be completed…in just the right way.

Slim worked in a meat packing plant near the railroad tracks
and Katie was a waitress who refused to call even a known
big tipper “Honey.”

Unknown to Slim was the fact that Katie had plans of her own –
having more to do with frying big fish in mid-town apartments
than the loving of Slim the meat packing man…

Slim was not a drinking man – but he was nervous and this led
him to drink several bottles of wine, and the more he drank, the
less he remembered the words of his question…

Katie never forgot why she was there, that she had a purpose –
a thing to do; something to say – so that the rest of her life could

Slim and Katie, seized by the terrors of their agendas – opened
their mouths in slow motion, each reaching for the right words,
when The Orchid Rooms doors swing wide open…

The boys down at the precinct house having a slow night, and
with a warrant from a judge – pick that exact moment to raid and
seize everything and everyone as evidence…

By the way Slim and Katie eventually do get married and I am
told that they are as happy as might be expected from the seized,
terrorized…and dishonest…



6 Responses

  1. […] A case for or against love… […]

  2. and just as the place was really hopping too…..an interesting little tale, to be sure. So what did Katie want to say?

  3. The Cops! It’s a raid! Don’t worry, F. has the commissioner in his pocket. Sit down boys, have a drink. Here’s the big fat envelope. (Cool story. What is she up to I wonder/)

  4. This entire scene should be read while listening to Dr. Hook. “I’ve got a freaky old lady name o’ Cocaine Katy who embroiders on my jeans”

  5. I’ve read this three times now and each time there is a new layer to the initial voice. I absolutely love the unanswered questions.

  6. johemman – Thanks…but I can’t say…

    gingatao – Thanks…but I can’t say…however if you send me one of those envelopes – I’ll see what I can do…

    Bob – when you get your picture on the cover of the Rolling Stone…I might tell you…

    Narnie – Now you and I know that we don’t have to know…How can we let the others Know that too… 🙂

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