4 p.m. in The Orchid Room

F. put his hat down on the piano and brushed the lapels of his suit. “Man, it’s dusty in here.  What happened to the cleaner?”

“I don’t know. There’s some kinda hullaballoo. I’ld send Mamu to track him down but Ebby got’s him bailed up in the backroom teaching him new steps. They’re going to dance sometime which should be a sight to see.”

F. scratched his balding bonce and hitched his pants. “I thought he was still hot for the ballerina. Now Ebby? Silence really works on the smart ones.”

“Hah! I wouldn’t know. Have you seen Bootsy? We’re supposed to be rehearsing but I haven’t seen him anywhere.”

“Yeah. I saw him running out of here after some dusty looking guy waving a gun and screaming ‘Bring back my bag!'”

I looked over F.’s shoulder just as the door swung open.


2 Responses

  1. Now who’ll come through…..oh yeah, I know.

  2. That’s delightful… 🙂

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