The Orchid Room

Live Jazz Poetry Nightly!
Jobs available! (apply within)
We cater to all types of miscreants and strangers.
We prefer noisy guests to silent ones.

Live on stage tonight…


4 Responses

  1. Check? You Russians do love your chess. Oh, check as in the bill? Don’t leave yet, the fun has just begun. Have another drink, on the house. Very quiet tonight. No walk through traffic at all. I changed the decor to make it a little less, well let’s say, imtimidating. Man, that stage looks sad, so empty and all,

  2. Mate!

    Looking fine and dandy.

    Here’s to you!

  3. Chok dee! Thank goodness for the regulars. Have another one, Jo. Tonight’s act is turning up soon. I hope.

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