Five Reasons To Register and VOTE Nov. 6

5 reasons why YOU need to register and vote Nov 6!

art predator

Today, Monday Oct. 22, is the last day for Californians to register online to vote in the midterm elections Tuesday Nov. 6. After that, you can still vote but you need to do so in person. And if all else fails, show up at a polling place and ask for a provisional ballot.
And why is it so important to register and to vote?

Millions of Americans support public lands and we are being ignored. Millions of Americans hike, hunt, fish, and camp on our public lands. Our public lands also provide 66 million Americans with drinking water.

To help save our democracy we MUST elect leaders who listen to we the people.

In the 2014 midterm elections, only 36% — about one third — of the eligible voters showed register, showed up, and voted. That’s the lowest turnout since 1942 — when World War II was going on.

If we don’t…

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I am reviving my blog here. Not now but tomorrow. The faceless page excites me.



in memory of McPaulus–a .new post on gingatao–and a toast!


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Colon usage for Squid: repeating on me

Colons are about as useful as stuffed olives on a drinking binge: anchovy and garlic.

The path of The Sun through space is like that of a bath salt ball in a snack vending machine: a helical coil fixed to a one way motor doesn’t auger well for anyone trying to picture a planet to orbit around your selection before it drops out.

When you’re dealing with a machine, it’s not enough to get the bath salt ball you paid for: Edit Message >>> MessageX >>> Custom Text

Press TEST to watch it scroll across the display: Please enjoy your Bath Salt Ball.

A Public Service Announcement

This is a public service announcement (with guitars) to remind one and all during this holiday season that the Orchid Room is open for your every pleasure 24/7, nay 25/11, and certainly, and especially, open on and about and around New Year’s Eve and Day.

Close out 2011 or start off 2012 with a visit to the Orchid Room! It is always a special night in the Orchid Room when you join us! For New Year’s Eve,  there may be some special guests and certainly room at the mic for those who would like to participate. Jump right in! Don’t be shy!

Also should you imbibe a bit too much,  or if you simply get too drowsy during your stay, remember the Dew Drop Inn is located a mere hop, skip, and a jump away.

Sincerely, Art Predator


“The primary characteristic of machine-readability is extension;
without which the information contained within a file is impenetrable,
or incapable of occupying places extrinsic to the given storage space
at any given time,” pushing a foot through the backdoor.
“That the impenetrability of information is an intrinsic characterisitic
of an extensionless file is clearly implied, although we mustn’t necessarily
assume that the intrinsic characteristic of impenetribility is a primary one.mp3.”
“Yeah. Ok. That’s great mate, but if you’re looking for an audition use the front door.”
“Will do. You got a business card or something I can use? haha!”
“Oh! haha squared. I thought you looked familiar. Come in! Come in!”
“Oh nohs! I just wanted to extend this to you. Don’t let it out of your sight.
It’s due to go live any day now.mp3”
“What should I do with it when it does?”
“Just make sure it segues back out from the last one.”



Dust stilled over the memories

under echoes of laughter


their ghosts dancing

as maestro

scribbles in the rafters


mind resting on a pile high of

what was and what will stay


and ghoul hunters pale

turn tail

as pure love blinds their way.